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Slow Roads Ahead
Fri Mar 03 2023

Yesterday I was diagnosed as a Stage IV cancer patient at MD Anderson. Right now our plan is to fight this as I did last year, but my plan is to make everything as easy as possible for my wife at the time of my passing.

No, I am not asking for donations. We’re financially stable. This is an explanation post.

At this point I’m game to opening up the code to possible trustworthy Typescript devops who are trustworthy as well to Shane, Darrel, and the rest of the PEG crew so will continue longer than I’ll be around whether that be 10 months or 50 years.

At this point I am juggling medical, jobs, family ,, and various other fan projects again, I’ll be delayed again on updates.

The Rust/Yew/Actix v4 rewrite is on hold, but the framework is there. My concentration right now is speeding up the current code and cleaning up the Typescript warnings.

Thank you all in advance for your patience with me.