This preview should not be used for "production" data. This is the development "deployed" V4 version of
This server is in STAGING mode. This means all changes will be overwritten from the live site anywhere from 3-4AM CST. Test and play to your heart's content knowing that the data will be pulled from the live server later.

The SWADE Horror Companion Data is now Available!


The SWADE Horror Companion Data is now available to all our WildCard subscribers to use in your shared campaigns and characters!

The New Shared Initiative Tracker Backend Is Live!


The WebSocket version of the Shared Initiative Tracker is now live at the standard url. Using this technology instead of having the clients poll the server every second will update all viewers in apparently real-time on standard Internet connections. This also sets up the framework for a major front-end overhaul of that page coming later this yearlater this month.

I've done quite a bit of testing and it seems quite stable and snappy via remote computers, my tablet devices, and even my phone. It's a pretty incredible upgrade. But, however, with anything new there's always likely to be problems, so if you see anything strange, let us know at

Edited: later this year -> later this month

Slow Roads Ahead


Yesterday I was diagnosed as a Stage IV cancer patient at MD Anderson. Right now our plan is to fight this as I did last year, but my plan is to make everything as easy as possible for my wife at the time of my passing.

No, I am not asking for donations. We’re financially stable. This is an explanation post.

At this point I’m game to opening up the code to possible trustworthy Typescript devops who are trustworthy as well to Shane, Darrel, and the rest of the PEG crew so will continue longer than I’ll be around whether that be 10 months or 50 years.

At this point I am juggling medical, jobs, family ,, and various other fan projects again, I’ll be delayed again on updates.

The Rust/Yew/Actix v4 rewrite is on hold, but the framework is there. My concentration right now is speeding up the current code and cleaning up the Typescript warnings.

Thank you all in advance for your patience with me.


SWADE Fantasy Companion is now available!


The SWADE Fantasy Companion is now available for our WildCards and WildCard GMs to share with their players for Fast Furious Fun Fantasy Adventures!

The SWADE Super Powers Companion is FINALLY Live!


After all the medical issues I've had this year, we've finally got the Powers, Edges, Hindrances, and Gear for the new SWADE Super Powers Companion in and working. There's a lot of moving parts on this companion, so let us know in the feedback section if you see anything we missed or may have changed since we started entry around this time last year.

Thank you all for your patience. This release is a WildCard only release, but with the Campaigns feature it'll still be relatively easy access if a GM shares their setting with players.

V3 Going Live!


On February 12, 2022 the new V3 Interface will go live. No time of day yet, we'll let you know though.

Want to see how fast dedicated V3 is in action? Visit for the live data preview!

Announcing the Version 3 Open Beta!


We're proud to announce the Version 3 Open Beta of

  • A fresh, new look!
  • New ways to manage your saves and view all your characters!
  • Wildcard GMs can create Campaigns which you can share with your players!
  • Easier to navigate controls for organizing and sharing your saves!
  • A snappier, lighter interface

V3 Preview: GM Campaigns Functionality


Here's a quick video of how GM Campaigns will work in V3. Remember Campaign creation is a wildcard only function, but participants can be any account type. We're excited to open the preview for you later this week!

Flash Gordon™ is now available to all Registered users!


In response to Pinnacle Entertainment Group's Flash Gordon Announcement, we're pleased to announce that both the Deluxe and SWADE conversion of Flash Gordon books here are available to all registered users and are no longer WildCard subscriptor only.

HAIL, FLASH! Version 3 is Coming!


Coming this fall - version 3

Gone will be the days of the confusing new/load/save/share menu on the bottom right.

With this release Campaigns are coming, so GMs can share your locked Setting characters with your players!


Pathfinder for Savage Worlds now available on


Pathfinder for Savage Worlds now available on We've been wanting to get access to this amazing product to you for weeks now. This book and setting is available to all registered users not just exclusively to our WildCard subscribers.

Our initial tests are looking great, but with any complex system, there are things we miss. If you find something wrong, place it in our feedback section and we'll get to it by the end of the week at

Thanks and Enjoy!

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Data Entry Delayed


It'll be a few more weeks before we start work on the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds import. We're still waiting on the last few bits of errata from Pinnacle before we start data entry.

I know I promised to start work this month, but to save potential bug and data fixing later I figured it'd be best we wait until all the fixes in the beta test are done (we had heck keeping up with the Rifts and SWADE data entry).

We'll let you know when we start. We'll likely hold off on the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Core Book until the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Bestiary beta is released which should be a subtle nod that their awesome team has moved on from the Core book's changes.

Thanks for your patience!


Jeff's Notes (roasting on an open fire): It was brought to my attention that the title of this article originally read "Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Delayed" which if read out of context (and if someone didn't read the article) could have been interpreted that the entire Pinnacle Entertainment Group Kickstarter was delayed. This was completely unintentional and thoughtless on my part. I blame myself. All apologies. is not affiliated with PEG in any way except that we're a licensed Ace. ~J @ 2021/05/28 07:40cst

Interface Zero 3.0 has hacked


Gun Metal Games' most legendary Interface Zero 3.0 support is here and is available to all WildCards immediately.


Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Support - Coming Soon


Heed our words, brave adventurers!

In May of 2021 Our WildCard subscribers will be able to create all the characters in the Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Core Book and Companion. The Bestiary will also be available as soon as it's released and a few revisions have been made on that product.

We're excited! Are you excited?

Deadlands Support!


We're proud to announce Deadlands character creation support is now available to WildCard subscriptors. Mosey on over to to buy the book then head on over to the character creator and start making your Weird Western heroes!



It's been a long day! Instead of waiting for midnight for my local time (I'm exhausted!) I'm going to call it April 2nd in GMT time and confirm or deny the news posted on April 1st, 2020.

This is TRUE. We have indeed partnered with Palladium Books and officially have permission to use the Savage Rifts material in

Now we're off huffing and puffing to make it happen for all of us by May 1st! I hope you're excited as I am!

Thank you all for playing along with my little double-psych-out today. I know we're all living in stressful times, and a little fun can go a long way.

Announcing Rifts® for Savage Worlds Support


UPDATE (April 2, 2020): Although this was meant to be a faux-April-Fool's post because the news is so incredible, this is in fact (Jack) TRUE!

Today would like to our partnership with Palladium Books as icing on the cake with our licensing partnership with Pinnacle Entertainment Group and announce Rifts® for Savage Worlds support coming to this month!

By May 1st you should be able to create your Savage Rifts® characters from the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, and the rest of the Savage Rifts® collection soon thereafter.

Access to these books will be free to all registered users - no Wildcard subscription required!

Rifts® and Megaverse® are Registered Trademarks of Palladium Books, Inc. All character names and likenesses are copyright and trademarks owned by Palladium Books, Inc. and used with permission.

SWAG supplement Wand Magic now Available


#SavageWorlds #SWAG author Jan Jetmar's most excellent Wand Magic supplement is now available for all registered users at

50 Fathoms is now available!


50 Fathoms is now available for SWADE for our WildCard subscribers!

Much of is now Open Source


I've been wanting to release this for a while, but I've been a bit worried about some quality of code issues (some of the code there isn't my best work).

I've decided to "pull the bandaid" so to speak and release the code all but the server, authentication, and billing parts of the for the world to see under the GPL v3. All the code currently is in Typescript and React. I've also included the public image/fonts directory as convenience under no license as some of the images and fonts there aren't owned by me. All the submodules are linked in each README, but here's the list of all the open sourced modules and projects:

Also, I've started a small experimental project could bring the libraries to faster and more efficient .wasm modules in a future release (as well as being able to be compiled to machine native executables for blazingly fast processing). This project is coded in Rust and can be found at

Thanks for all your support!


Titan Effect!


Titan Effect for both Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and Deluxe are now listed as setting books in for our wildcard subscribers!

Flash Gordon is here!


Flash Gordon Support for Savage Worlds Deluxe has been posted! Soon, we'll apply the SWADE updates as a separate book.

Feel free to submit any feedback reports if you see any typos.

Deadlands: Lost Colony Support

01/08/2020 now supports character creation for Deadlands: Lost Colony for wildcard subscribers. The PDF is still in revision, so feel free to submit any typographical or out of date errors to the Feedback System

Character Generation Settings Update and more!


Campaign Settings Skill removal is back, and we have a new feature: Campaign Custom Skills! Also added today: Edges from SWAG products (alpha order): Companions & Familiars, Fast Lane Hacking, and Summoner's Circle. Plus #SWADE updated #Rippers #SavageWorlds

Savage 2.0 has Launched!


As of Friday, December 6 2.0 has been LIVE! We're really excited about where this release will take us, but there were a few minor bugs during launch, and we're sure that there'll be more you'll find. Rest assured we're on call and working on every bug report you submit plus any that we find along the way as well.

If you do find a bug, please use our Feedback system at and we'll get right on it!

As a huge thank you to everyone's patience with this upgrade we're proud to announce new save limit for all tiers of membership. Registered users may save 10 characters, vehicles, etc, while WildCards have been bumped to an amazing 150 saves!

Wiseguys Now Available!


Wiseguys by Just Insert Imagination is now available for all registered users!

Weapon and Gear quantities are now in active!


Weapon and Gear quantities are now in active! This was a long overdue feature for those dozen deadly dagger wielding thieves, those crossbowmen carrying a bounty of blunt bolts, or those wizards carrying a container of cherry candles.

You can initially set your quantity when you purchase your Gear or Weapon:
Once purchased, you can change the quantities using the drop-down menu.
On the PDF your gear will show up with a 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 11x, etc in front of the name, and the weight of singular (total) under the weight column. is open for business!


Thanks to Pinnacle Entertainment Group's gracious announcment in their newsletter, we are live. We've been in beta-test for a couple of months now, but now the cat's out of the bag and we're officially open to the public.!

If you're new here (and you probably are), feel free to visit the Development Status page for things I'm working on or adding to the app. I'm always tinkering and adding. I've been accused of having a d10 Weird Science!.

As always, if you have any bugs or feature requests, submit them via the Feedback system, and not the Contact Form. It's easier for me to keep track of what needs to be fixed. is on Twitter!


We're now on Twitter! We'll make announcements both there and on this page. Follow us to keep up to date!

Battle for Oz Content Available


We're proud to announce that the Battle for Oz content has been entered for the Character Creator.

Become a WildCard to gain access to this wonderful setting!

This marks the first of many of our Ace, SWAG, and Fan partners which we'll be supporting. Thank you, Pirate Press, LLC!